Reputable Grab and Tipper Hire Specialist, Topsoil Delivery Company and Aggregate Supplier in Epsom

TJD Grab Services is an established waste clearance company specialising in grab hire, tipper hire and muck away services. We have our own fleet of vehicles, which gives our customers access to a grab lorry, a tipper truck or any plant they might need for earthwork removals, such as mini diggers. If you have an ongoing clearance project in the Epsom area that needs our care and attention, we can provide a full and professional service.

We also trade as aggregate suppliers so, if a job is in the later stages of development, we can make a topsoil delivery at a time that suits you, as well as deliver the following materials:

  • Ballast

  • Sand

  • Scalping

  • Stone

Our company uses a grab lorry and a trained operator to remove inert and non-inert waste from sites across Epsom and the South East region. A grab lorry has a hydraulic arm and a mechanical bucket that ‘grabs’ material under the guidance of our operator. TJD Grab Services uses grab hire as a principal earth removal method, loading material onto the bed of the grab lorry or into one of our tipper trucks.

Grab hire is also the principal method we use for making an aggregate or topsoil delivery but, like all reputable aggregate suppliers, we can also deliver in loose loads by tipper truck, or in smaller bagged quantities.

Some commercial grab hire and muck away projects in Epsom have limitations with space. If we can’t access land with a grab lorry to clear a site, our company can supply your project with a mini digger and operator instead, and a tipper truck. This alternative to a traditional grab hire service is just one of many waste management solutions provided by TJD Grab Services.

Whichever way you wish to use us, be it as grab hire and tipper hire specialists or as aggregates suppliers, we have the fleet and the plant needed to make your own operations run seamlessly.

Grab Hire and Muck Away

Earth moving projects in Epsom generate spoil and we refer to the removal of this material as “muck away”. This is a common commercial grab hire service and one that waste clearance companies use to generate secondary aggregates for the building and construction sectors. We load spoil onto a grab lorry and take it to one of many licensed waste transfer stations in our region for recycling.

Operatives at these waste transfer stations screen and process the spoil, separating it into hard materials and topsoil for aggregate suppliers to sell to private customers and businesses. These suppliers can usually make an aggregate or topsoil delivery to the Epsom area using primary materials too, using a grab lorry in most instances to drop them off.

Aggregate and Topsoil Supply

Typically, aggregate suppliers meet the needs of the busier commercial sector and their clients include builders, construction companies, developers and landscapers. TJD Grab Services can also make an aggregate or topsoil delivery to domestic customers with their own gardening or landscaping projects. While we can still deliver loose loads to homeowners in Epsom using a tipper truck, we also have smaller bag sizes available which we can drop off, exactly where you want them, using the hydraulic arm of a grab lorry.

Keep in mind that we supply primary and secondary aggregates. Primary aggregates come from newly quarried sources. Secondary aggregates come from screened, processed and recycled waste derived from grab hire, tipper hire and muck away operations.

For grab hire and muck away services in Epsom, call TJD Grab Services on 07977 688417. We also offer a full range of delivery services as an aggregate supplier.
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