Topsoil Delivery in Surrey from an Experienced Aggregate Supplier| Do You Need Screened or Unscreened Topsoil?

TJD Grab Services is more than just a grab hire and tipper hire company offering muck away and site clearance services. As an aggregate supplier, we also supply and deliver a wide range of aggregates and topsoil for construction and landscaping projects throughout the Kent, Surrey and Sussex areas. Whether you are planning to relandscape your garden or undertake some kind of building work, every grab lorry in our fleet can deliver vast quantities of materials quickly and efficiently, so you can get down to work as soon as possible.

Simply contact us if you are looking for quality topsoil delivery in the Surrey area.

Whatever project you have in mind, have a read through this page beforehand. Our expert personnel have over 20 years of combined experience carrying out muck away, tipper hire, and grab hire services across the South East. We, therefore, have a wealth of knowledge to guide you through the different types and grades of topsoil, to help you make an informed decision.

For any further questions, give our aggregate suppliers and grab lorry operatives a call on 07977 688 417.

What is Topsoil?

As the name suggests, this is the top layer of soil on the surface of the Earth. You can measure a topsoil’s depth from the surface to the subsoil, which usually ranges between 5-30cm deep. Created by decaying organic matter and weathering rocks, it usually takes about a century to form an inch of topsoil. 

There are two different types of topsoil to choose from: screened and unscreened. 

Whatever project you have in mind for your home in Surrey, it is important to know which you require before arranging topsoil delivery. While one is best suited for replacing topsoil removed during a muck away clearance, the other is better for planting. 

Thanks to our wealth of knowledge and experience as aggregate suppliers and grab lorry operatives, we can help you choose the right type for your needs.

Unscreened Topsoil Delivery

As a company engaged in regular grab hire and tipper hire services throughout Surrey, such as excavations and muck away clearances, we often obtain ‘as dug’ topsoil. This is an economy-grade topsoil, unsuitable for growing plants and vegetables as it is dense with weeds, rocks, stones, hardcore and other such materials. The screening process would filter out such substances, leaving a much finer grade of topsoil.

However, the reason why our grab lorry operatives and aggregate suppliers still deliver unscreened topsoil is because it also has its uses.

Some of these include:

  • Levelling off sloping grounds or creating stepped gardens around Surrey

  • Filling in large areas, holes in the ground and raised beds

  • Providing a base for laying new lawns

  • Creating subbases for patio and driveway installations

Screened Topsoil Delivery

As a grab hire company and aggregate supplier, we do not screen the topsoil ourselves. Instead, our grab lorry operatives collect screened topsoil from suppliers and deliver it to customers around Surrey. The screening process filters out all the rubbish and hardcore from excavations and muck away clearances, sifting the topsoil through an adjustable mesh.

Screened topsoil is the perfect option for growing plants and flowers or laying a new lawn. This is due to its nutrient-rich concentration of organic matter.

Whether you require a screened or unscreened topsoil delivery for your landscaping or gardening project, TJD Grab Services is the company for you.

Call our aggregate suppliers and grab lorry operatives on 07977 688 417 for quality topsoil delivery in Surrey.
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