Topsoil Delivery and Aggregate Supplier in Horley | What Exactly is MOT Type 1 and What are its Uses?

TJD Grab Services is a grab hire, tipper hire and aggregate supply company with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the waste management industry. Our grab lorry operatives have been performing such tasks as muck away and site clearance works for more than 20 years. In addition, we have earned a reputation for quality topsoil delivery, as well as delivering building materials and aggregates for a wide range of construction and landscaping projects.

Thanks to our vast knowledge and experience as aggregate suppliers in Caterham and the Horley area, there is nothing we don’t know about MOT Type 1.

This page details what this particular aggregate is and how construction companies use it for a variety of purposes.

What is MOT Type 1?

Any reputable grab hire and tipper hire company that supplies aggregates should know what MOT Type 1 is. Named after the Ministry of Transport, this material is a standardised aggregate which must comply with the Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works, clause 803.

In order to qualify as Type 1 quality, manufacturers must break down crushed concrete, limestone or granite into irregular pieces, ranging from 40mm stones to a fine dust.

The Ministry of Transport approves Type 1 for making roads because it has an exceptional load-bearing capacity and compacts easily.

Applications for MOT Type 1 from our Grab Hire Company

Our grab lorry operatives regularly supply construction companies throughout Horley with MOT Type 1, often in tandem with topsoil delivery following earthworks and muck away. Likewise, roadwork contractors in the local area often come to our aggregate suppliers for bulk quantities of this material to create roads, highways and motorways.

MOT Type 1 is suitable for a range of different uses, including:

  • Pavements – Paving contractors use this aggregate to create foundations for pavements. Changing weather conditions and temperatures can cause certain building materials to expand and contract, which often splits the overlying surface. The gaps between the irregular-sized stones of MOT Type 1 enables this expansion to occur, without damaging the surface. With deliveries from our grab lorry technicians, you can create more weather-resistant and durable pavements around Horley

  • Property Development – As a professional grab hire and tipper hire company, we often carry out muck away and excavation during earthworks processes. While topsoil delivery is better suited for landscaping purposes, building contractors rely on our aggregate suppliers for MOT Type 1 to create the ideal foundations for new builds and house extensions

  • Roads and Motorways – Due to its load-bearing capabilities, using MOT Type 1 to create a sub-base helps materials like asphalt and tarmac to better cope with regular, heavy traffic. In fact, our grab lorry fleet often travels along roads around Horley that our company has helped to install

  • Driveways and Patios – At TJD Grab Services, we don’t just carry out muck away and excavation works to prepare for patio and driveway installations. We also offer MOT Type 1, alongside topsoil delivery, to create the ideal sub-bases for your projects. As a permeable material, MOT Type 1 provides natural drainage and, therefore, makes your new patio or driveway SUDS-compliant

TJD Grab Services only supplies and delivers aggregates and building materials of the very highest quality, for your peace of mind. So, whatever landscaping, construction or roadworks project you need us for, we have the equipment, materials and personnel to bring your plans to life.

Call our aggregate suppliers and grab lorry operatives on 07977 688 417 for MOT Type 1 and topsoil delivery in Horley. We also specialise in muck away and general grab hire services.
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