Aggregates, Topsoil and Grab Hire in Reigate | Complete Service Delivery with the Environment in Mind

TJD Grab Services caters for all domestic and commercial site clearances in Reigate, Sevenoaks, Purley and surrounding areas. We trade as grab hire, tipper hire and muck away specialists but also double up as an aggregate supplier. This means you can use us in one of two ways. You can use us to remove spoil from earthworks using a grab lorry or a tipper truck with plant, or you can book in for a topsoil delivery. We also deliver the following materials:

A grab lorry has the ability to collect any inert and non-inert waste, even in parts of Reigate with restricted access. Even if you have spoil stockpiled behind fences, walls or hoardings, the extendable hydraulic arm of a grab hire truck usually has sufficient reach to collect materials derived from muck away projects.

Once we’ve collected your spoil, we transport it to waste transfer stations dotted across the region. Here, operatives screen and process material into grades. This is where many secondary aggregate suppliers source their products. TJD Grab Services does too, and we can dispatch loose or bagged loads to domestic or commercial projects, anywhere in the South East.

In areas such as Reigate, we don't even apply a fee for an aggregate or topsoil delivery. Should you require them, we can also supply you with primary aggregates.

The Responsible Grab Hire and Muck Away Service

Waste management is a complex sector regulated by government-led requirements on recycling rates. Our grab hire company works closely with waste transfer stations to help them recycle up to 90%, and often more, of the spoil we derive from grab hire and muck away projects. This has obvious environmental benefits and, because we cover the region as secondary aggregate suppliers, TJD Grab Services also plays a pivotal role in reducing industry demand for newly quarried material.

Having a ballast, sand, scalping, stone or topsoil delivery made to Reigate couldn’t be easier. If you need bagged materials, we’ll use a grab lorry to deliver them. If you need a loose load, we’ll dispatch a tipper hire truck instead.

We want you to make a reasoned, informed and conscientious decision whenever you need a grab hire or a muck away service. We borrow the planet for only a short while and have a responsibility to leave it in a healthy condition for our future generations. TJD Grab Services works tirelessly to help meet government targets, and to fulfil Environment Agency initiatives, so that our children have a better world to live in.

So, whenever you book in for a grab lorry collection in Reigate, or call us to arrange an aggregate or topsoil delivery, you can be confident that our company has taken the required steps, and will continue to do so to create a brighter, greener tomorrow.

This is what makes us trusted grab hire, tipper hire and muck away specialists, and reputable aggregate suppliers, for Kent, Surrey, Sussex and all locations across the South East.

For grab hire, muck away and topsoil delivery services in Reigate, call 07977 688417. We offer a full range of domestic and commercial solutions.
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