Muck Away in Sevenoaks | Grab and Tipper Lorry Hire vs Skip Hire

It is close to impossible to avoid generating waste on a building or construction job. Skip hire has long been the most popular choice for domestic removals but, when it comes to commercial or inert waste from earthworks, grab hire beats a skip hire service in every department. If you run muck away jobs or similar tasks in and around Sevenoaks and Purley and would like to have waste removed by a grab lorry in one simple visit, call TJD Grab Services on 07977 688417.

TJD is one of the region’s favourite aggregate suppliers and an established local topsoil delivery and tipper hire company that covers all locations in the South East. We regularly transport the following materials:

Skip hire, tipper hire and grab hire are very important waste disposal choices. Skips are stationary containers delivered to site on a truck. They stay onsite until filled, then the truck comes back to collect them. For small amounts, this is a perfectly good way to manage waste. Grab hire involves a grab lorry arriving onsite and, in our case, loading inert waste onto its bed, as part of a muck away service, for immediate removal.

Understandably, this is a great choice for larger waste volumes, particularly those derived from earthworks and groundworks projects in the Sevenoaks area. These materials end up in the building and construction sectors again as secondary aggregates. Waste transfer stations recycle grab hire and muck away waste by screening and processing it.

We take that waste back as saleable material and then provide you with aggregate and topsoil delivery services.

The Benefits of Skip Hire

If you have a long-term project that will only generate small amounts of construction waste, hire a skip. A grab lorry will be a little excessive for the small amounts of material generated by two or three-man teams. Keep in mind that the more people you employ, the more waste you will generate. This means part of your manpower goes into loading skips, something that isn’t necessary when you use a grab hire service.

Think of the type of waste you generate too. If earthworks and groundworks are your thing, some skip hire companies in Sevenoaks won’t accept inert materials or muck away work.

We do because, in our capacity as aggregate suppliers, it is in our own interests to deal with muck away waste. Recycled materials are very much our bread and butter. Without them, we cannot service the aggregate and topsoil delivery needs of our Sevenoaks customers. Grab hire and tipper hire services help us to fulfil those needs in full, and this is always important to us.

If you want to position a skip on the roadside, that’s usually fine but you will need a permit. You do not need a permit to have a grab lorry make a collection from your site.

The Benefits of Grab Hire

A grab lorry is always going to be a better choice for muck away work than a skip. A skip can only hold so much waste before it needs collecting and replacing. This can bring earthworks and groundworks to a standstill. Grab hire is a continuous service and one that we can support for our Sevenoaks customers by also supplying them with tipper trucks.

As well as muck away waste, grab hire is a more suitable alternative to skips for structural demolitions. These projects often generate large volumes of brick and rubble.

And when it comes to aggregates and topsoil delivery, there’s very little skip hire companies can give back to you. They are often smaller in size and don’t have the potential, or the facilities, to recycle in the same way that we do. TJD Grab Services is one of the most proactive secondary aggregate suppliers in the Sevenoaks area.

We try to recycle as close to 100% of the waste collected by a grab lorry, and we currently have figures in advance of 90%.

Call 07977 688 417 to arrange grab and tipper hire for muck away work in Sevenoaks. We also cover the South East region as primary and secondary aggregate suppliers.
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