Carrying out Site Clearances with Grab Hire in Crawley | The Advantages

Whether you need to clear a building site, an unkempt garden or to make way for a new property development, hiring a grab lorry is far more efficient and cost effective than using a skip. Not only can it carry a larger volume of waste, but it also takes a fraction of the time. Furthermore, grab hire is a fully mobile service, which means we carry away waste material as soon as we’ve collected it. This causes much less disruption than leaving a full skip on the roadside or on your property for days.

As aggregate suppliers and topsoil delivery experts throughout Crawley, we have the skill and experience to operate the hydraulic grab arm of our lorry to clear and muck away even the heaviest objects, including rocks and fallen trees.

This is one of the reasons why TJD Grab Services is an obvious choice for carrying out site clearances throughout the local area.

Some other reasons include:


While a standard grab lorry can comfortably carry roughly twice the amount of waste as a regular skip, an 8-wheeled lorry can carry up to 3 regular skip loads. This saves you the time and money of arranging for the delivery and collection of several different skips.

What’s more, for construction or landscaping jobs that require muck away services, our aggregate suppliers can use the grab arm to carry out the earthworks and load the truck simultaneously. This spares our customers in Crawley from having to dig up the spoil and load it into a skip by themselves. We can also undertake an aggregate or topsoil delivery to help you crack on with your project as soon as possible.

And, if that wasn’t enough, most grab hire companies like TJD Grab Services can carry out a site clearance within 24 hours of your initial enquiry. Although, this depends on the availability of our operatives.


In the hands of skilled aggregate suppliers and muck away experts, a grab lorry can handle all manner of waste material in the Crawley area. Thanks to the skill and attention it takes to safely perform an aggregate or topsoil delivery, dealing with green garden waste, building hardcore and dense subsoil is far from a challenge.

Loading a large skip with soil, for example, makes it too heavy to lift and carry away. Likewise, trying to fill a small skip with domestic rubbish may cause you to run out of space. With grab hire, you can take care of all kinds of waste material in one go.


Most skip hire companies insist on a minimum hire period of a week. This means that customers in Crawley who carry out their own muck away or site clearances have to put up with a full skip on their property for longer than is necessary. Not only does this look unsightly, but it can also get in the way of an aggregate or topsoil delivery you have scheduled with an aggregate supplier.

A grab lorry, on the other hand, carries away your waste as soon as its full. Furthermore, unlike skips, grab lorries can perform deliveries and collections from the roadside, without damaging your front lawn or driveway.

Save yourself the hassle and effort of undertaking a site clearance on your own. Contact TJD Grab Services to find out how we can help you.

Call our aggregate suppliers and grab lorry operatives on 07977 688 417 for site clearances with grab hire in Crawley. Our expert team also specialises in muck away and topsoil delivery.